Mac Mail to PST Converter Tool with Amazing Capabilities!

Mac Mail to PST Converter Tool with capabilities unlike any other tool. It provides users with an affordable and safe way to migrate their data, and without any inclusion of gaps or distortions in data.

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3 min readMay 5, 2021

If you are looking for an Apple Mail to PST converter tool, we have good news to share with you. Most of email migration tools have one or two missing links that can totally impede the entire process and outcome.

Not this one, though.

Mac Mail to PST Converter Tool

It is one of the very Mac Mail to PST converter tools with amazing capabilities and unique features — like splitting large PST file, autoloading of Mac Mail Profile, Batch conversion support, and more.

USL Software’ went an extra mile to design a solution that ends the past frustrations and complications in a systematic and professional manner. Many users with some experience of such tasks would immediately notice the aspects that make it the best application for this conversion task.

First of all, you will see that there are multiple ways to input the data from Mac Mail client. You can either pick the most effortless autoload option, which is also the recommended way for migration. This feature ensures that the Apple Mail default database called Identity (or Profile) is picked up automatically from the default location. Second way is to select any other database that you need to convert; all you must do here is browse to the location and then select the database. Third option is MBOX file, which is an archived format for Apple Mail.

Also, a side note, “Mail Extractor Pro” even features Thunderbird and Postbox as the option for data conversion to PST.

mac mail to pst converter

Once the input source for data is selected, you are free to uncheck any folder inside that to exclude from the output. This frees up the unnecessary burden of converting the entire thing, which is often unnecessary. Furthermore, there is an additional option for ignoring all the empty folders at once. Such functions help in giving you a cleaner output that is much easier to manage.

And lastly, when you are ready to convert your selected Mac Mail database to PST, you have one more optional setting to tweak. Here you can set the size of the PST file and if during conversion, this size is crossed, the tool will split the files into smaller files. This feature is offered for users with large Mac Mail databases. Oversized PST is often seen to be problematic while importing to Outlook.

The data extraction is comprehensive, leaving no components behind, like graphical data, attachment files, metadata or headers, or anything else. This notable quality of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ to convert everything without any loss of integrity relieves many of the biggest concern and complication otherwise faced in a task like this. You can relax knowing nothing is being skipped and no structure/metadata is being altered.

Users should note that the output PST by “Mail Extractor Pro” is not only applicable in Windows Outlook but also in Mac version. You can go to ‘File’ à Export/Import à Import from a program or file à and then select this PST file to get the data imported into the client.

Download a free trial edition here.

The Link:

You are free to check out all the features, while the trial version converts up to ten emails per folder.

“Mail Extractor Pro” works in Mac directly smoothly, without any compatibility issues.

For any question or setback, the support team is a click away and are open 24 x 7.

Do not hesitate to download the application today. It has changed the way most users tackle the Mac Mail to PST migration project. It’s a tool with some exceptional abilities like 100% data integrity preservation, splitting large PST files, and more — you can check them all out right now with zero risk.

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