Transfer Postbox to PST Smartly, Avoiding All Common Obstacles of Email Migration!

Transfer Postbox to PST smartly, and that could mean a lot of things in an email migration task, such as keeping care of data integrity, protecting your folder hierarchy, splitting large PST files, and more. Here we are discussing exactly that.

Mail Extractor Pro
3 min readMar 23, 2021

For whatever reason you have decided to move away from Postbox and to Outlook, we will help you in migrating your data across your email clients. Switching an email client to another one isn’t that big of a deal if you only moderate IMAP-based email accounts. You can simply add your email account to Outlook and the rest will be taken care by the email client itself. But it’s not so simple if you are the kind of user with a lot of email data kept as backup in local database, or if you have been using custom domain email accounts.

In the latter case, you have some work to do ahead of you because unfortunately the same files storing data that work in Postbox doesn’t work in Outlook. The format that Windows Outlook uses is PST, short for Personal Storage table, and by converting emails from Postbox into PST, you can transfer the data into Outlook.

But this conversion isn’t often simple and quick. Depending on the size of database and converting application, you can find yourself in a very complicated and exhausting place. The process of email conversion from Postbox to PST can get daunting in most cases, unless you have the right tool.

And this is what we are offering here.

“Mail Extractor Pro” is a smart utility for converting Postbox (and also Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and MBOX files) to Outlook PST quickly and safely.

postbox to pst
  • Works super-fast, cutting the time needed in almost half than if you were using other tools
  • Keeps the consistency of data integrity
  • All your details from emails, such as font formatting, attachments, graphics, headers, and other such information are converted down to the last byte
  • One of the very tools that fully and natively supports conversion of non-English text characters as well
  • Basic and Smart interface design makes the tool very easy to pick up on by anyone, regardless of how much or how little experience/expertise you hold in email migration tasks
  • If you like to maintain your emails in multiple folders, “Mail Extractor Pro” will be a life safer. It runs a specialized mechanism to hold the structure and arrangement of folders steady during migration
  • In-built PST file splitter doesn’t let you have very large PST files, which can make importing them into Outlook tough and full of errors
  • Auto-loads the default Postbox database. If you want any backup databases to convert, simply browse to where there are stored. There is no need for manually work with the data files.
  • Full compatibility both for previous versions of Postbox and for previous versions of Outlook when you go to import the output PST files
  • Quick installation and requires no complicated setup or configuration

Email migration is not that uncommon a task amongst heavy email users, but proper and professional tools to aid them in safe data migration are rare.

“Mail Extractor Pro” is one of those scarce commodity in the category of such software apps and you ought to get it today if you want quick and safe transfer from Postbox to PST/Outlook.

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Mail Extractor Pro

Mail Extractor Pro converts Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX to PST for Windows & Mac Outlook. Read More: